My Day At The Dog Shelter!!!!

SignRecently we had to do a mini-grant project for our W231 class.  My group chose the Adopt-a-Dog shelter in Liberty, Indiana of Union County.  We talked with the operation manager Sarah Koonce about the shelters needs, got to visit the dogs, and even got to walk most of them.  Shelters like this one is so needed to have a safe place for mistreated or simply dumped off dogs to go.

Adopt-a-Dog is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that takes in stray and abandoned dogs.  All dogs are taken to Logue’s TLC Pet Hospital,  owned by Drs. Jeffery and Rebecca Logue, to get spayed or neutered, vaccinated, tested for heart worm, treated for fleas and ticks, and micro-chipped.  All this is done at an extremely discounted rate.  Thank God for special people like the Logue’s.  To donate on the shelter’s behalf or to just send a Thank You note to TLC, visit

The shelter has a lot of very generous people who donate items and their time to help these dogs.  Sarah does an amazing job loving these unwanted animals.  And an even better job making them lovable to find their forever homes.  Adopt-a-Dog is also lucky to have people willing to foster some of the dogs to socialize them and get them ready for their new homes.

AbbyWhen I was there I felt a special tug on my heart for one particular dog.  Her name is Abby!  She is a bull mastiff mix.  She weighs 90 pounds but she is the sweetest dog I have ever met.  We left that day after spending over 2 hours there and I just couldn’t get Abby out of my mind.  Needless to say, I ended up going back to get her to foster her.  Unfortunately for me, it didn’t take any time at all before she was adopted by her forever family.  They send me pictures and keep me up to date on how she is doing.  I received a picture just yesterday and Abby’s toenails were all painted pink!  She is very happy at her new home and I am very grateful for the time I had with her.  I will definitely be fostering another dog in the near future even though it is hard to let them go.

Check out Adopt-a-Dogs web site  to see all the faces of the dogs needing forever families.  If you just want to help that would be awesome too!






Keeping up the pace of the emergency room!


    Quick thinking

  • Decisive action
  • Strong Stomachs

These are just a few of the qualities an emergency room (ER) nurse needs to possess.  Along with  these three things, you have hurting, sick, and possibly injured people streaming through the doors. No one comes to the emergency room for something to do. They probably will not be in a good mood with good reason, their patients will be gone which is to be expected, and some will  be unable to communicate to you what is wrong.  You have to remain calm so your patient will remain as calm as possible.

ER nurses work as part of a team with doctors, other nurses, and healthcare professionals to administer care and compassion, monitor health conditions, administer medicine, all while keeping the patient and their family informed.

ER nurses are on the front lines taking care of accidents, fevers, pain, rashes, allergic reactions, and lacerations just to name a few.  I have heard nurses say in the ER while visiting with my children that “You just never know what will come through those doors, just when you thought you have seen it all, something new comes in”.

In the emergency room, a nurse needs to be able to quickly access the needs of each patient, stabilize them, and prioritize the order of the patients to be seen according to need.  The nurse will also be expected to discharge the patient after they have seen the doctor or admit the patient if necessary.

Nursing in the emergency room is not for everyone.  It can be fast paced, so keeping up on your patients is a definite must.  You must possess the skills to notice if a patients condition has changed, or if a different path of action needs to be taken.  You must always be professional but also be caring and compassionate.  Keep everything organized, have good communication skills, and keep track of all information pertinent to the patient.

If you are looking for a job in this field has all kinds of information on jobs in the area you are looking for.  Registered nursing jobs are expected to grow 26% between now and 2020, so get into a good college with a good nursing program and join the ranks!

er nurse




One in three nursing home patients are abused.  Abuse of the elderly in our nursing homes happens a lot more than people think.  The chart below shows just how bad the news is.  According to the Special Investigations Division of the House Government Reform Committee,  5,283 facilities across the United States over a two year period were cited for 9,000 incidents of abuse.

Kelley Queale, director of communications for the California Association of Health Facilities stated “We believe that nursing homes are providing the best care they can in a difficult environment”.  I say this is total CRAP.  Giving the “best” care would be no cases of abuse being reported.  What a cop out, blaming the difficult environment.  Being abusive to anyone is wrong, being a nurse and crossing that line with patients is contradicting everything the code of ethics stands for.  I am sure, if you asked the patient if they wanted to live in a bed and be neglected and abused until they die, they would adamantly say “NO”.  To read more and view comments visit:

The list of neglect and abuse is horrendous:

  • Improper nutrition
  • Dehydration

  • Over and/or under medicated
  • Failure to take precautions to prevent falls
  • Failure to turn residents creating bed sores
  • Failure to take patients to the restroom, leaving patients in a soiled bed and clothes
  • Physical abuse
  • Improper use of restraints
  • Emotional and verbal abuse
  • Retaliation to the patient for filing a grievance
  • Theft of patients money & personal property
  • Neglect of patients personal hygiene
  • Inadequate medical attention
  • And the most horrific of all:  Sexual Abuse

To learn more about bed sores visit:

If you suspect abuse or neglect of a loved one in a nursing home, please do not just ignore it.  Report it!

This article is not in any way suggesting that all nursing homes are negligent, and is most definitely not saying all nurses are abusive.  This post was meant to WAKE people up and make them aware of the importance of researching the nursing home before they put their loved ones there. It is your duty to make sure your loved one is being cared for properly.




Standardized Nursing Language

nursebookSTANDARDIZED NURSING LANGUAGES are beneficial to the nurse and the patient.  Some of the benefits include:

  • better communication among nurses and doctors
  • increased visibility of of nursing interventions
  • improved patient care
  • enhanced data collection
  • greater devotion to standards of care
  • facilitated assessment of nursing competency 

Nurses need to know it is important to document care using Standardized Nursing Languages.  So much stress is being put on standardized language because more and more facilities are in the process of changing over to all electronic documentation.

Once standardized language is accomplished, terms can be measured and coded, creating a large database.

The definition of standardized nursing language according to Keenan (1999) is:  Common language understood by all nurses to describe care.  Basically saying every nurse needs to get on the same page with terms and conditions.  Without this electronic documentation will not be successfully achieved and the patients will suffer.

PATIENTS BENEFIT when nurses are precise in the definition and communication of the patients assessment.

Duke University  ( has a list of guidelines for nurses to use to achieve standardized nursing language.


The National Quality Forum (NQF) stated “Given the importance of nursing care, the absence of standardized nursing care performance measures is a major  void in healthcare quality assurance and work system performance.


STANDARDIZED LANGUAGE also has implications for:

  • Nursing education
  • Research
  • Administration

Tying the standardized language to education and practice will enhance its implementation and expand practicing nurses’ knowledge of interventions, outcomes, and languages.

~Obtaining a standardized language, will facilitate the use of electronic documentation allowing more accessibility to patient information without sifting through all the paperwork for the needed information creating more time to “GIVE” to the patient as it should be.

By using one standardized nursing language, nurses from all over the world will be able to communicate with one another, with the goal of improving care for patients globally.  


Nursing will be able to convey the important work they do, making nursing more visible!


Ethics and Nursing

Photo Source:

Photo Source:

There are NINE provisions in the Code of Ethics for Nurses:

  • The first THREE deal with fundamental values and commitments
  • The next THREE deal with boundaries of duty and loyalty
  • The last THREE deal with aspects of duties beyond patient encounters

I will be blogging about Provision 1 – specifically 1.1 (RESPECT FOR HUMAN DIGNITY)

  • Prevention of illness
  • Alleviation of suffering
  • Protection, Promotion, & Restoration of health for individuals

The nurse, in all professional relationships should practice with compassion and respect for the dignity, worth, and uniqueness of every individual.  Human dignity can be simply defined as the right to be treated with honor and respect.  Let’s face it, most patients are not in your care by choice so quite possibly you will not get that respect back either out of fear, culture, or just plain hurting too much on the patients part.  Nurses CANNOT force care on a patient who does not want it; but still must remain moral and ethical.  Ethical refers to the reasons for a decision, moral deals with personal belief and cultural values.

Nurses must care for pain management, positioning and caring for personal needs, as well as the patients mental health.

I believe if you are going to be a nurse, you have to embrace the good with the bad.  Yes, there are rules and regulations that must be followed but I feel, without over stepping your boundaries, you must treat all your patients as you would treat your own family members.  DO NOT be just a person in scrubs that flits in and out of the room taking blood pressures, writing notes, and checking machines.  You must create a rapport with each new patient.  You might just learn something for yourself!!

Articles on the Internet: Get to the Point!

I can not speak for everyone, but for myself I definitely want articles that are easy to read on the internet.  Looking at computers for a long period of time gives me a headache so I prefer the author or authors just get to the point.  Leave out all the unnecessary mumbo jumbo.  I am a busy person, so I need information that is direct and to the point.

Michael Agger wrote in his article “Lazy Eyes” it is important to have white space and small paragraphs to keep the readers attention.  Also use attention grabbers:

  • Bullet lists
  • Bold words
  • Italicized words
  • Use links in case the reader wants more information
  • Edit, edit, edit

Hopefully this will help keep your reader interested!

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